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Right when I typed in that title I was thinking about that one song that goes “that’s life…” Anyways I think I’m going to pull another all nighter today. (I didn’t sleep at all the other night; ended up staying up thinking about life and all that)

So wanna hear about my life? Well you might but probably to laugh about it. The reason behind as to why I’ve been getting lack of sleep is actually really dumb and sad at the same time.

So I recently moved (3 or so months ago) so I had to start over and start socializing more. (YEAH I JUST SAID THAT!!!) And well that kind of thing is really hard for me. Not because I’m really shy I just don’t like situations I can’t control. (Stop thinking that I’m a control freak)

Obviously I ended up making a few friends and also some friend/enemies. And here is where my special someone that’s been keeping me up comes in. So we ride the same bus together (sadly I’m the second stop) anyways at first it was just like oh that person seems really cool. I wanna be friends with them. And yeah that was the case. But the wasn’t the only part.

So I’m not really sure about y’all but whenever someone is staring at me I can feel it and instantly try to see who it is. In this case it was my special someone that was staring at me. (either that or I’m just paranoid).”oh that’s great both of y’all feel the same way about each other.” Well not exactly. But I’ll leave that for the end.

Anyways sadly the only connection we had is that we took the same bus ride. So our conversations weren’t really that much. Did you get their digits your asking? Well I got their facebook, snapchat and instagram. But the problem was that we didn’t have much to talk about. It’s like that awkward feeling you get after seeing a family member you haven’t seen in a long time. (YEAH THAT BAD!!!)

But hey that was “our” awkward which is a lot more better than not having anything at all period. So we had our conversations here and there on the bus and on social media. And I liked it. I was really nice to be able to talk and be near the person I liked.

So about a month after I’ve moved we ended up going to Six Flags together. No, not alone. (with about 198 other people. NO JOKE) But we were hanging out by our self. Which was so fun!!! We got on the batman, the boomerang and a lot of other rides. The last ride that almost caused us to get left in Six Flags about 2 hours away from where we lived was the Iron Rattler… So my special someone really wanted to get on it. And well obviously I couldn’t say no. But it was worth it too. Even though we had to run all the way to the front of six flags (we were all the way in the back) and got late to our ride home, not 10 not 15 but 30 minutes late (which almost made use get left behind) But like I was saying it was still 100% worth it and I would do it over again and again. Because we were able to spend our whole six flags field trip together. And well I was just so happy.

So now skip to the present. So obviously that whole field trip experience really got me emotional. And I just had to tell them how I felt. And that’s what brings us to my sleeping problem. They didn’t really take me liking them to good. I’m not saying that they don’t like me back I just don’t know what they’re thinking. But the thing that hurt was that they wanted me to leave them alone.

Yeah right? It’s a big heart break right? But here’s something that is just confusing me. Ever since they told me to leave them alone they haven’t been active on facebook. And no I wasn’t blocked!!! (I check every day) So is this a good thing? It is, isn’t it? Is it that their as upset as I am because they rejected me?

Well those are my wishes that I really hope are true. But “that’s life…” isn’s? You just can’t understand it. All I wish is that they have some short of feeling towards me. And if by any chance of fate my special someone is reading this right now I want to tell you something.


I Love You, and I wanna be by your side!!!



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