SSD Shortage

So apparently there has been a big shortage in Solid State Drives.

SSD that used to cost hundreds of dollars to buy have been declining in price. But now you can get them for about as low as 50$. But this may change in the upcoming days/weeks.

Since SSD are preferred by the consumers (us) laptop and computer manufacturers are obviously listening and using them to please us. But this isn’t exactly a good thing. Since Solid State drives (SSD) are obviously in high demand for manufacturers to make laptops and computers with more high end specs as in Solid state drives (SSD) then sooner or later there is going to be less and less the more SSD are in high demand.

The sad thing about this is that we probably won’t see a change in this in upcoming months because like I already mentioned SSD is very highly preferred over HDD (Hard Disk Drive). So unless there is a big change in this then we can’t really expect for this to change anytime soon.

Sadly this means that we might expect laptop and computer prices to raise up. The most we can hope is that laptop and computer manufacturers are able to find a compromise for this shortage in SSD drives.

A possible solution to this might be that laptop and computer manufacturers either lower than the storage capacity of the SSD or switch back to HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or even HHD (Hybrid Hard Drives) which are usually used by companies for high end notebooks and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)